Looking at the macro environment in the era of meager profits, since the introduction of policies such as "eight regulations" and restrictions on "three public" consumption, a large number of high-end catering industry consumer groups that were originally dependent on government consumption have been lost, and corporate profits have plummeted; on the other hand, South Beauty The listing failed and changed hands, and Quanjude’s revenue declined for the third year. Incidents such as Hunan Eqing’s self-selling of trademarks also revealed that the small and beautiful catering industry has low barriers to entry, making it easy to conquer the country, difficult to maintain, and the lack of brand competitiveness has led to most of the Catering companies have suffered a cold winter.usdt erc20 swap,Question 4: The significance and meaninglessness of B2B matching transactions. Originally, there are offline transactions. Does it make sense to move them online? The key to matching transactions is what to do after finishing the first one.

  Four months after Bi Sheng threw out the shocking view that "vertical e-commerce is a scam", Vipshop went public in the United States, and in 2014, vertical e-commerce Jumeiyoupin went public.usdt erc20 swap